Mimosas With Ashley Gainer

Ashley was 8 months pregnant when her ex-husband left her. She planned to be a stay at home mom and freelance as a hobby. But with a divorce and baby on it’s way and needing to bring home the bacon, she turned her hobby into a career.

Like me, she has a young son, and it took her three years to rise above the poverty line and be the mom she really wanted to be. What’s more – she did it debt free. 

Since then, she’s remarried, has added another baby, and continues to scale her business so she can do more while working fewer hours. Listen in as we talk about the dark time in her life, lessons learned, and the entire scope of mindset, freelancing, being a work-at-home mom, and even personal finance. 

Uncover what happened and how she became the accomplished woman she is today.


Mimosas With Maia Singletary


This week on Monday Morning Mimosas I’m chatting with Maia Singletary, from Chicago. 13321829_1743869282558003_207963769896933515_nThis Entrepreneur/Wife/Mom/Skincare guru jumps between two different worlds; A digital consulting business and Astrida Naturals. Coming from two different genres of business Maia balances two companies, family life, and personal life just about as perfectly as her two businesses operate, but things weren’t always this way. Listen in on my conversation with Maia and how she overcame the closure of a family business during the 2008 recession, switched majors, and became a mom.


Mimosas With John & David of Debt Free Guys

John and David have a total of 13 combined years in the finance industry and gathered $51,000 in credit card debt as two thirty somethings living it up in the early 2000’s. Today, they’re debt free, run a very successful blog, IE Debt Free Guys, and focus on sharing their story with the Queer community.

Their success didn’t happen overnight, in fact, it took at least ten years in total for them to get where they are today. Having taken quite some time to write an important book for the basic adult, they finished it, they conquered it, and share their story on how they started their business, the roadblocks encountered, and the struggles they still face as business owners.

Here’s my interview with one of my favorite business couples.


Guest Announcement: Braiden Kurowski

Braiden is a Phoenix native and coffee lover (read addict). She attended Grand Canyon University where she received a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Now, she is a13903364_891985197601985_2668166158894682781_n North Phoenix Realtor, bringing joy and guidance through the sale and purchase of real estate. In her spare time, she can be found exploring the beautiful state of Arizona, drinking too much coffee, or enjoying quality time with family and her boyfriend, Bryan. She also enjoys nerding out to business/personal development podcasts, blogging about being a girl boss, and connecting with other entrepreneurs!

Braiden’s episode will premiere on January 2nd. Stay tuned to iTunes and Soundcloud for updates.

“Take the risk now, go after what you want, and enjoy the life you create for yourself.”



Mimosas With Eva Baker


Just before turning 16, Eva and her mom listened to the audiobook version of The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  This helped her realize that planning and budgeting your finances is interesting and can be fun – especially when you’re young and haven’t had time to make many financial mistakes yet! Today, Eva is 20 and as she continues her journey into adulthood her opportunities are endless.



Mimosas With Reid Burroughs

Reid sees possibilities. As a creative social media marketer always looking for new ways to reach out, communicate and inspire. Reid’s interest in people and helping them solve problems makes him someone you’re glad to have as a partner. Plus, he’s a taco aficionado.

When he’s not working in a startup (making nearly nothing) he works a part time job, hustles his ass to the max, and seeks relationships with others who are fully supportive of his dream. Reid says, “You have to be fully in it,” which means those supportive relationships have to be his rock.

Ready to listen in on the interview? Here it is:


Guest Announcement: December 12th Monday Morning Mimosas With Jennifer Lawhead

Jennifer Lawhead 5.jpgExcited to announce our second podcast guest on Monday Morning Mimosas! This Monday I’ll be sitting down with Jennifer Lawhead and learning more about the life of a ghost writer.
Jennifer believes the great work you are doing means nothing if the people you’re trying to reach don’t understand you. As a content consultant and ghostwriter, Jennifer helps clients translate that great work to the world so that it is heard and understood. With more than 12 years of marketing and writing experience, Jennifer has worked for some of the most prominent marketing firms in Phoenix, AZ. Her passion is in ghostwriting, helping thought leaders write long-form content so powerful it becomes a differentiator for their personal brand and their organization.

Take a deep dive with us Monday, December 12th at 9 AM EST as we release our second kick ass podcast. Until then…bottoms up and listen to Episode 1 with Chonce Maddox on SoundCloud.