Consumerism Commentary With Harlan Landes

Consumerism Commentary was a site originally created and run up Plutus Founder, Harlan Landes. Consumerism Commentary was one of the very first personal finance websites to be founded and turned into a business. Throughout its lifetime, the blog’s mission has been to develop financially literate, capable, and successful human beings by sharing educational, entertaining, and engaging articles. The blog did just that and allowed Harlan to sell the blog for a nice sum of cash. Since then he has gone from writer, the non-profit founder, volunteer, and Adulting.TV.

Now Harlan as a retired blogger and doing things for the pure enjoyment of them can design his life in the way he wants.

So what is Consumerism? Why does it matter? How can someone achieve everything Harlan has? In this podcast, we dive into the concepts surrounding Consumerism, how to start a successful blog like Consumerism Commentary and the benefits of pushing yourself to retire as early as possible.

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Season 2 Debut With Sarah Li-Cain of High Fiving Dollars

Welcome back to season two! Woohooo! We’re shifting gears this season and talking about tools and strategies to help your business grow. To kick things off we’re chatting with Sarah Li-Cain from High Fiving Dollars. Sarah is the mother of a two-year-old boy, wife, and a serious game changer within the PF community. Here’s the thing about Sarah, she only started blogging a little over a year ago, has been on over thirty podcasts, and is a highly recommended writer from PT Money, the founder of FinCon. Can’t get much better than that right?  Sarah has some high goals for herself in the next year and I’m excited to share with you guys how she plans to get there and how she’s made it as a blogger.

Show Notes:

  • Your origin story is important. Never take what you’ve learned in life for granted you gotta be able to apply your lessons learned into a story format that connects with your readers and is authentic AF.
  • The dark parts of your story have some of the most valuable information. Confront that darkness and share what you’ve learned.
  • If you build it they won’t come. Why? You can’t suddenly write an epic post and expect your website to get traffic. You need to promote, put in the work, and leverage other platforms to help brand and drive traffic to your website.
  • Guest Blogging will help you build authority. You can leverage other bloggers’ platforms to represent your voice and website. But it’s not about using that platform for recognition, it’s about making another blogger friend.
  • Set goals that will help you conquer your fears. Pitching to podcasts to be on as a guest helps you hone in on your message and help other audiences connect with you on a deeper level.
  • Stop viewing other bloggers and businesses as “competitors.” The blogger community isn’t about competing with one another it’s about building a community and helping them understand the value of other voices. Your blog won’t be for everyone, and that’s okay.
  • Affiliate marketing and AdSense isn’t for everyone. You don’t need to use advertising as a way to make money there are alternatives. Find the one that works with your mission. Some ideas:
    • Courses
    • Podcasting
    • Writing for other companies
  • Don’t deny yourself. This simply means if you’re good at something, if you have a talent for a certain niche, you need to pursue it.
  • Break past cultural barriers. Yes, we still live in a world where we are judged by what we look like. Best thing to do is just continue to be yourself.
  • All we need is to find a way to acknowledge our feelings and seek out a way to process them.
  • Who cares what anyone else thinks? Move on and up from the judgment of others. Talk about what you love, pursue your passion and seek ways to make it influential.
  • Imposter syndrome is a real thing. Gather with others who can support you and allow you to validate yourself.
  • Don’t write a story just to write something. Write purposefully.
  • Plug and play is lazy. Yes, there are exceptions, but a pitch isn’t about writing an email and sending out mass pitches that look exactly like everyone else’s. Customize. Customize. CUSTOMIZE.
  • LinkedIn is a great tool, just be careful how you present yourself. On the flip side, don’t pitch someone who literally does the exact same thing you do. Don’t be a doofus.
  • Pitching is about laying the foundation to a new relationship.
  • Get rid of emotional anxiety. You’re probably thinking, “how the hell do I do that?” EASY. You simply allow yourself to feel that anxiety. Get to know it, shake hands with it, and move on.
  • Nothing beats a human connection.
  • Done is better than perfect.


Mimosas With Nora Wendel

Born and brought up in the wild dance of life that is South East Asia, the daily chaos of creativity has allowed Nora to be a multi-passionate female entrepreneur. She is a a visual designer, a dancer, a yogi, a creative problem solver, a photographer and global gypsy.
Nora loves sharing biz tips + life hacks to inspire other women to live the life they love by showing them how easy it can be to start living the lives they always wanted to.
Nora currently is just launching her newest thriving (and third) online business – The Photo Forest – the first community driven stock photography membership site where members can request the type of photos they need. Her favorite motto and what drives her forward into creating the life she loves is…”if not now, then when?”
3 things that make her happy – creating large mandalas with flower petals, sitting in morning meditation and doing anything that involves having beauty, creativity and a bit of adventure!
Come and follow Nora’s biz tips and life hacks on her YouTube channel.

Mimosas With Nadeera Mamadieva

11149294_916879368363747_5320656546361173867_nThis week I’m sipping cocktails with Nadeera of Flower From Lover. Nadeera hails from
Russia and arrived in America just last year. The idea of placing flowers into a beautiful box filled with macrons started off as a hobby and today is blooming into a bustling business. Just recently Flower From Lover became the official floral sponsor of Miss Scottsdale, Miss Phoenix, and Miss Maricopa County. If that still doesn’t have you convinced on her level of skill, listen in as we discuss the boxes themselves and how Nadeera plans to grow.

If you’re interested in checking out more from Flower From Lover, you can visit them online at, follow along on Instagram at @flower_from_lover, and find Nadeera on Facebook.

Here’s a video I did for Travel Foodie Mom where I discuss the Valentine’s Day Box I mentioned in the podcast.

flower from lover - flower gifts in phoenix


Mimosas With Mandie Mutchie

This week I’m speaking with Mandie Mutchie. Mandie is a multifaceted individual. In years previous she worked in modeling and taught at the same time. Though she loved the education field, she found her passion in makeup artistry which she picked up through modeling with Ford Models. With her beau in tow, Mandie and her now fiance Tommy picked up and moved to California where she changes lives and plays dress up

Mandie puts a playful twist on makeup artistry and shares how she balances life, work, and planning a wedding in this week’s episode. Check out Mandie’s portfolio here and listen to her own podcast Bold Moves by clicking here. 

Kick back and drink up as we dive into mimosas this morning.


Mimosas With Melanie Lockert

Melanie started blogging about her debt in 2013 to keep herself accountable during the melanieheadshotdebt payoff process. In total, she had $81,000 in student loan debt. After paying the minimum towards her loans for five years, she graduated in May 2011 with $68,000 left. She paid off $68,000 in four and a half years, $30k of that in 2015, after doubling my income. As you may have guessed, her debt payoff process led to an entrepreneurial career filled with storytelling, writing, educating, public speaking, and inspiring young millennials along the way.

In my conversation with her on this episode of Monday Morning Mimosas we take it to the moment she graduated grad school worked crappy jobs and how she turned it all around to be the incredible female empowered entrepreneur she is today. Check out Melanie on, follow her on Twitter @deardebtblog, and enjoy more of her writing on and


Mimosas With Maia Singletary


This week on Monday Morning Mimosas I’m chatting with Maia Singletary, from Chicago. 13321829_1743869282558003_207963769896933515_nThis Entrepreneur/Wife/Mom/Skincare guru jumps between two different worlds; A digital consulting business and Astrida Naturals. Coming from two different genres of business Maia balances two companies, family life, and personal life just about as perfectly as her two businesses operate, but things weren’t always this way. Listen in on my conversation with Maia and how she overcame the closure of a family business during the 2008 recession, switched majors, and became a mom.


Guest Announcement: David Auten & John Schneider

I’m really excited to announce this guest(s)! John and David, The Debt Free Guys, will be premiering on Monday, January 9 on Monday Morning Mimosas.

John and David have a total of 13 combined years in the finance industry and gathered $51,000 in credit card debt as two thirty somethings living it up in the early 2000’s. Today, they’re debt free, run a very successful blog, IE Debt Free Guys, and focus on sharing their story with the Queer community.

Their success didn’t happen overnight, in fact, it took at least ten years in total for them to get where they are today. Having taken quite some time to write an important book for the basic adult, they finished it, they conquered it, and share their story on how they started their business, the roadblocks encountered, and the struggles they still face as business owners.

When I first heard of Debt Free Guys, I reached out to them for a blab I used to host with CentSai. Our friendship continued on after that through supporting one another online and giggling over chocolate and wine (also online). Not knowing the full extent of their journey when I first met them, made me geek out because they’re so polished, professional, and both speak with such confidence. I’m delighted to share my interview with them on Monday, so stay tuned!



Mimosas With Eva Baker


Just before turning 16, Eva and her mom listened to the audiobook version of The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  This helped her realize that planning and budgeting your finances is interesting and can be fun – especially when you’re young and haven’t had time to make many financial mistakes yet! Today, Eva is 20 and as she continues her journey into adulthood her opportunities are endless.