Mimosas With Brandon Erickson

This episode of Monday Morning Mimosas is a little unorthodox. Today I’m talking with Brandon Erickson. He’s a longtime BFF, brother, fellow nerd and a millennial jumping into the throws of entrepreneurship.

On Monday Morning Mimosas we discuss entrepreneurship and how many of us get started and become successful, but it’s also important that we have conversations with people who are just in the beginning stages.

Entrepreneurs are hard workers, typically working 50-75 hours a week trying to make it. Most of us make it, and some of us do the 50+ hour grind for quite some time. Working as hard as we do, it’s important to have hobbies and a life outside of that life. Brandon and I discuss the perils of dating as a hobby in the digital age and how it affects our lives, and nerd shit.

Enjoy this off-beat podcast on the life outside of an entrepreneur.


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