Mimosas With Jennifer Lawhead

In episode 2 of Monday Morning Mimosas we discuss the life of a ghost writer. The pitfalls, the exciting stories, and the celebrities involved. Listen in as Jennifer Lawhead, a private ghost writer, bares it all.


Be My Guest

December Monday Morning Mimosas guests are booked. Do you want to be next?

I’m looking for new people, old people, and young people, who want to enjoy a mimosa with me and appear on MMM in the new year! If you’re down and ready to jump into a bubbly conversation with a little bit of swearing (maybe a lot who knows) and a lot of fun, then just let me know!

The goal of my podcast is just to meet new and interesting people. Even if I have met you, there’s probably something I don’t already know about you and I really want to know. All you need to do is send me a message/text/post/tweet/whatever you want and let me know – I’ll book you for the next available date and I’ll guide you from there!