Mimosas With Eric Nisall – The Finale

Three weeks ago I sat down to speak with my friend Eric Nisall, from Account Lancer. One of the greatest things about Eric lies in the fact he never holds back his bold and honest opinion. There’s nothing I or you will (or should) be able to do to hold him back. It’s this brash and honest mindset that so many of us in marketing and the entrepreneurship world hold ourselves back from doing.

In this episode Eric holds no bars and releases his true opinion on the entrepreneurship world. In short, he’s not a fan of the word, in length, listen to the podcast. Catch an audible glimpse into the mind of a guy bent on producing honest moments daily.


Guest Announcement: Braiden Kurowski

Braiden is a Phoenix native and coffee lover (read addict). She attended Grand Canyon University where she received a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Now, she is a13903364_891985197601985_2668166158894682781_n North Phoenix Realtor, bringing joy and guidance through the sale and purchase of real estate. In her spare time, she can be found exploring the beautiful state of Arizona, drinking too much coffee, or enjoying quality time with family and her boyfriend, Bryan. She also enjoys nerding out to business/personal development podcasts, blogging about being a girl boss, and connecting with other entrepreneurs!

Braiden’s episode will premiere on January 2nd. Stay tuned to iTunes and Soundcloud for updates.

“Take the risk now, go after what you want, and enjoy the life you create for yourself.”



Guest Announcement: Reid Burroughs

This Monday I’ll be speaking with Reid Burroughs, a digital marketer with Really Big Tree. Really Big Tree is based in Phoenix and has just launched into Beta this year. With only six months into the first year of their life on earth, Really Big Tree has been trying to take root in the Valley through digital marketing and development services. Reid, is an integral part of Really Big Tree.

Reid sees possibilities. As a creative social media marketer always looking for new ways to reach out, communicate and inspire. Reid’s interest in people and helping them solve problems makes him someone you’re glad to have as a partner. Plus, he’s a taco aficionado.

When he’s not working in a startup (making nearly nothing) he works a part time job, hustles his ass to the max, and seeks relationships with others who are fully supportive of his dream. Reid says, “You have to be fully in it,” which means those supportive relationships have to be his rock.

Join me tomorrow for an in-depth look into the life of someone deep inside a tech start-up keeping his head and his comrades heads above water. Follow read and his journey on Instagram and YouTube.


Guest Announcement: December 12th Monday Morning Mimosas With Jennifer Lawhead

Jennifer Lawhead 5.jpgExcited to announce our second podcast guest on Monday Morning Mimosas! This Monday I’ll be sitting down with Jennifer Lawhead and learning more about the life of a ghost writer.
Jennifer believes the great work you are doing means nothing if the people you’re trying to reach don’t understand you. As a content consultant and ghostwriter, Jennifer helps clients translate that great work to the world so that it is heard and understood. With more than 12 years of marketing and writing experience, Jennifer has worked for some of the most prominent marketing firms in Phoenix, AZ. Her passion is in ghostwriting, helping thought leaders write long-form content so powerful it becomes a differentiator for their personal brand and their organization.

Take a deep dive with us Monday, December 12th at 9 AM EST as we release our second kick ass podcast. Until then…bottoms up and listen to Episode 1 with Chonce Maddox on SoundCloud.

Be My Guest

December Monday Morning Mimosas guests are booked. Do you want to be next?

I’m looking for new people, old people, and young people, who want to enjoy a mimosa with me and appear on MMM in the new year! If you’re down and ready to jump into a bubbly conversation with a little bit of swearing (maybe a lot who knows) and a lot of fun, then just let me know!

The goal of my podcast is just to meet new and interesting people. Even if I have met you, there’s probably something I don’t already know about you and I really want to know. All you need to do is send me a message/text/post/tweet/whatever you want and let me know – I’ll book you for the next available date and I’ll guide you from there!

MMMimosa’s First Podcast Guest

I’m SUPER excited to announce the lovable and hard-working/ass-kicking Chonce Maddox as our first official guest on Monday Morning Mimosas. We’ll be discussing “How being a single mom has shaped me into who I am today” among many other things whilst surrounded by mimosas.

chonce-headshot1Chonce is a financial lifestyle blogger who openly discusses in hardships growing up poor, and after having her ADORABLE son Jordan, living on welfare while helping her family survive. She’s a first generation college student and runs a debt blog entitled My Debt Epiphany. “This blog not only allowed me to share my unique story, life lessons learned, and my perspective with others, it also opened up the door to a whole new life.”

I’m excited to discuss how she came to be the woman she is today, what helped her break the teen mom cycle, and how she accomplished so damn much being under 30. Stay tuned for December 5th‘s release and more updates throughout the month!