How Slack Can Help You Be A Better “Preneur” With Anthony Catanese

This week I’m sipping on mimosas with Anthony Catanese, as product manager at Beeline in Denver CO. Anthony made a near-cross-country move earlier last year with his wife from Jacksonville FL where he had begun initiating entrepreneurial conversations with community members. It was here where he met Eva Baker from The Teenpreneur and Teens Got Cents and then initiated a connection between him and me.

Anthony isn’t a traditional entrepreneur. He’s a product manager full-time and more of an entrepreneur facilitator, being that he likes to be an observer of conversations so as to bring different forces of nature together. Think of Anthony as the orchestra director bringing together musical artists who can go on to create and do great things together.

Even though he’s a wonderful facilitator, Anthony does have his own dreams of starting a business and diving deeper into the world on entrepreneurship.

In our conversation, we hold a conversation heavily around Slack and other tools that have helped him wiggle his way into the Denver and DenVR Live start-up communities. We also dive into two huge tips that have helped him and can help you have more successful connection based conversations.



Consumerism Commentary With Harlan Landes

Consumerism Commentary was a site originally created and run up Plutus Founder, Harlan Landes. Consumerism Commentary was one of the very first personal finance websites to be founded and turned into a business. Throughout its lifetime, the blog’s mission has been to develop financially literate, capable, and successful human beings by sharing educational, entertaining, and engaging articles. The blog did just that and allowed Harlan to sell the blog for a nice sum of cash. Since then he has gone from writer, the non-profit founder, volunteer, and Adulting.TV.

Now Harlan as a retired blogger and doing things for the pure enjoyment of them can design his life in the way he wants.

So what is Consumerism? Why does it matter? How can someone achieve everything Harlan has? In this podcast, we dive into the concepts surrounding Consumerism, how to start a successful blog like Consumerism Commentary and the benefits of pushing yourself to retire as early as possible.

Where to find Harlan:

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Shannon McLay of The Financial Gym On Money Mindfulness

As entrepreneurs, we’re responsible for ALL the upfront costs. This doesn’t only include business expenses; this means health insurance, personal expenses, saving for retirements, and staying on track with paying off debt (if you have it). Being mindful of your cash flow is vital to the success of your business and the same goes for holding yourself accountable. Surrounding yourself with the right people can be a challenge, especially in the early days of your startup. Shannon McLay, of the highly successful Financial Gym in New York City, sits down with Sarah over mimosas to talk about the importance and strategies behind money mindfulness and finding the right person to hold you accountable for making your dream and goals happen.

Shannon and Sarah also talk about some of the fears we all face and how to keep your mind on the path towards financial freedom. In this podcast, you’ll find the following (highlighted below) discussed at length and made applicable to the ambitious young entrepreneur.

Spend money on crap you love.