From January, 2018

How Slack Can Help You Be A Better “Preneur” With Anthony Catanese

This week I’m sipping on mimosas with Anthony Catanese, as product manager at Beeline in Denver CO. Anthony made a near-cross-country move earlier last year with his wife from Jacksonville FL where he had begun initiating entrepreneurial¬†conversations with community members. It was here where he met Eva Baker from The Teenpreneur and Teens Got Cents…

Consumerism Commentary With Harlan Landes

Consumerism Commentary was a site originally created and run up Plutus Founder, Harlan Landes. Consumerism Commentary was one of the very first personal finance websites to be founded and turned into a business. Throughout its lifetime, the blog’s mission has been to develop financially literate, capable, and successful human beings by sharing educational, entertaining, and…

Shannon McLay of The Financial Gym On Money Mindfulness

Shannon and Sarah also talk about some of the fears we all face and how to keep your mind on the path towards financial freedom. In this podcast, you’ll find the following (highlighted below) discussed at length and made applicable to the ambitious young entrepreneur.¬†