Keri Brown, An Artist Making It Without Breaking It

The mind of an artist is complex. The game artists have to play in order to be successful is also complex. Today we’re picking apart the brain of an abstract artist in Phoenix, Keri Brown. We’ll uncover the process artists go through, how to perform initial research, and how to get oneself in the public eye.

Show Notes:

  • Know your style. Understanding what your artistic strength is can be key in how you portray the world around you. I like to call this “paint your brain,”
  • Discover your subject matter. In order to do this, you’ll need to jump into how you relate to current events, life, yourself, and your surroundings. Are you an emotional painter or someone commenting on society?
  • Go to school. Everyone can be an artist and only 1% of artists can make it big without training and practice. Whether you’re going through a program, college, or classes on the side, it’s important to reign in your skills and refines them.
  • Sometimes you just need to let the pen/brush guide you. Go with the flow.
  • Selling through Etsy probably isn’t a good choice. Discover where your art belongs.
  • Putting your art in a gallery is just like the pitch process except you shouldn’t be doing it through email. All the work in the art world is done on the ground. Get out there and walk into a gallery. Make the appointment.


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