Guest Announcement: David Auten & John Schneider

I’m really excited to announce this guest(s)! John and David, The Debt Free Guys, will be premiering on Monday, January 9 on Monday Morning Mimosas.

John and David have a total of 13 combined years in the finance industry and gathered $51,000 in credit card debt as two thirty somethings living it up in the early 2000’s. Today, they’re debt free, run a very successful blog, IE Debt Free Guys, and focus on sharing their story with the Queer community.

Their success didn’t happen overnight, in fact, it took at least ten years in total for them to get where they are today. Having taken quite some time to write an important book for the basic adult, they finished it, they conquered it, and share their story on how they started their business, the roadblocks encountered, and the struggles they still face as business owners.

When I first heard of Debt Free Guys, I reached out to them forĀ a blab I used to host with CentSai. Our friendship continued on after that through supporting one another online and giggling over chocolate and wine (also online). Not knowing the full extent of their journey when I first met them, made me geek out because they’re so polished, professional, and both speak with such confidence. I’m delighted to share my interview with them on Monday, so stay tuned!



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