Guest Announcement: Reid Burroughs

This Monday I’ll be speaking with Reid Burroughs, a digital marketer with Really Big Tree. Really Big Tree is based in Phoenix and has just launched into Beta this year. With only six months into the first year of their life on earth, Really Big Tree has been trying to take root in the Valley through digital marketing and development services. Reid, is an integral part of Really Big Tree.

Reid sees possibilities. As a creative social media marketer always looking for new ways to reach out, communicate and inspire. Reid’s interest in people and helping them solve problems makes him someone you’re glad to have as a partner. Plus, he’s a taco aficionado.

When he’s not working in a startup (making nearly nothing) he works a part time job, hustles his ass to the max, and seeks relationships with others who are fully supportive of his dream. Reid says, “You have to be fully in it,” which means those supportive relationships have to be his rock.

Join me tomorrow for an in-depth look into the life of someone deep inside a tech start-up keeping his head and his comrades heads above water. Follow read and his journey on Instagram and YouTube.


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